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Piping Fab. & Erection

We are able to perform big quantity of job in qualified way with skilled people in its 5 workshops. The teams dedicated to erection are very professional and able also to perform maintenance and turnaround activities. The ratio one foreman ten workers assures real follow up of the projects.

Equipment and Machines

Really qualified teams of mechanical skilled workers are able to install each type of equipment and also rotatory machines. They also assemble compressors and internal plates of columns. Dedicated tools help the teams to perform professionally the installations.


Our teams include skilled workers who are highly qualified to install a variety of products to meet specifications and exceed expectations. By combining our insulation abilities with our skilled scaffolding services, we can assure a safe, cost effective solution to all of project needs.


Wide range of activities are assured by sister company (metallization, sandblasting and painting, fireproofing application, tank lining) respecting Clients specifications and also the environment. Very professional facilities are available to perform big quantities of job.


A large variety of mobile and stationary systems enables our scaffold teams to respond immediately to client needs, including access for maintenance, new construction and turnarounds with strategically located scaffold warehouses to mitigate schedule challenges.

Steel Structures

For some heavy special steel structures SIM is involving companies differently located and strategically placed for its major projects. The erection is done by dedicated skilled workers who perform also all activities related to support the piping.

Non Destructive Tests

All the major not destructive tests required by Clients specifications are performed  by sister company performing each activity in the respect of the laws and rules of countries in which projects are developed. Updated tools allow to SIM the best performance.

Heat Treatments

SIM is directly managing this activity because in its workforce are qualified workers able to perform this activity dedicated to special piping. Owned tools help SIM to reach the best performance in this topic allowing to do special tasks mainly on site.

Instruments & Automation

Is the last arrival in the group and the company performing these special activities is strategic for SIM because in this way is covering a wide range of performances requested by Clients. Other specialties managed are security, surveillance, software maintenance, telecommunication.

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